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Some were weird and some others plain scary,
A few had retired including an evil tooth fairy.”
One Creepy Street – Annica’s Broom

Annica and Murray
Annica is a mischievous, 13 year old witch who loves where she lives but can't help getting into a little trouble sometimes
  The Monster Twins
The Twins have been living under the ghoul burger shack for the last 3 years because they get to slurp up french fry grease and have great wifi reception
Annica and Murray   Monster Twins
Mort the Mortician
Mort would rather be anything besides a mortician. He is currently trying on Spandex leotards and considering a career as a pro wrestler
  The Singing Vampires
Mylos and Arnold have sang together in a choir since 1732 when they substituted ketchup for dinner one night and the taste made them scream soprano
Mort the Mortician   Singing Vampire
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